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1. Wireless lithium battery design allows it to be carried around. Large-capacity lithium battery is more durable. Uninterrupted working time exceeds 20 minutes;
2. High-quality all-copper motor, providing strong output power;
3. Adjustable spraying effect: A. vertical shape, suitable for the surface of horizontal objects; B. horizontal shape, suitable for the surface of vertical objects; C. circular cone shape, suitable for various side and corner positions;
4. Ergonomic handle: Comfortable to hold;
5. With high-quality metal copper nozzle, better atomization, metal valve core, durable;
6. Large heat dissipation air inlet: easily dissipate heat to ensure the service life of the machine;
7. With air inlet dustproof sponge, which can prevent dust from entering the machine and effectively protect the motor;
8. Easy disassembly of the gun head, by one push-and-pull action (push the top clutch switch and pull out the head). Convenient and fast, easy to clean;
9. Electrostatic spray: The droplets are negatively charged, thereby increasing the surface adsorption activity, increasing the uniformity and coverage of the object surface.

Specification :
Highest viscosity 60DIN-s   Unit size :   300 x 300 x 130 mm
Maximum flow 900ml/min Output Voltage:  DC40V
Battery Capacity :  4000mAh Li-lon Tank Capacity 1000ml
Working time:    20 minutes Charge Time:  1 hr
Noise: ≤68db    

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