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Smart 360: SMT-S7 Robot Specifications

Sweeping and mopping at the same time!

  • Sweeping supplemented with mopping
  • Water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad
  • Leaves no water stains on your floor

Set the mopping off-limit area on the mobile app. Keep robot vacuum away from carpets by setting up mopping off-limit areas. Automatically switches to cleaning mode after the water tank is removed.

LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm draws accurate maps and plans cleaning routes intelligently to ensure high coverage and high efficiency.

Anti-drop - Four anti-drop sensors on the bottoms of the vacuum gauge whether steps and equipment are off the ground.

Indentifies carpets and increases suction power automatically - when entering carpet areas, the vacuum automatically switches to Max Mode with 2000 Pa suction power for deep cleaning.

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