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Smart 360: SMT-S10 Robot Specifications

Ultra-slim design with built-in LiDARs stereoscopic 3D perception and efficient obstacle avoidance - Trinocular built-in LiDARs provide navigation for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance.

With Hidden LiDARs, it cleans narrow spaces smoothly and thoroughly, does not get stuck and avoids collisions, while cleaning the areas under beds, cabinets and sofas more efficiently. Body thickness reduced by 15% - Passability increase by 60%

SLAM algorithm stores the entire map of home environment with millimeter-level accuracy, enables accuracte room mapping, full coverage, and efficient obstacle avoidance. The same dToF scanning technology adopted by Apple and the NASA Mars Rover, S10 runs at nanosecond speed, creating accurate room mapping and stores the global picture of the house to ensure complete cleaning and full sweeping coverage.

Carpet Cleaning Mode 4.0 identifies carpets automatically and accurately. Deep cleans with just one click, and bypasses carpets when mopping.

Intelligent control via the moble app, schedule cleaning in advance

• 3300 Pa

• Triple Eye LiDAR

• 3D Mapping

• 3D D to F Detection

• Ultra-thin Design

• 520 ml Water Tank • 500 ml Dust Tan


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