Nobles PowerEagle 1020 Carpet Extractor EQ212256

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The brush deck of the  Nobles Power Eagle 1020 has been designed to ensure uniform delivery of the cleaning solution across the cleaning path and incorporates a brush that allows for the right amount of agitation to remove tough soil without causing damage.

Technical Specs:

Length 43 in
Width 16 in
Height 34 in
Weight 90lb
Solution Tank Capacity 10 gal
Recovery Tank Capacity 14.5 gal/55L
Cleaning Path Width 20 in
Maximum Cleaning Rate 2,600 sq. ft. per hour
Brush Motor 120V, .1hp, .75A, 90W, 1800 rpm
Brush Speed 1200 rpm
Solution Pump 120V, 6.9bar (100psi), 1A
Vacuum Motor 120V, 1.8 hp, 13A, 1560W, 3 stage
Sealed Water Lift 137 in
Total Power Consumption 120V, 14.2, 1710W
Decibel Rating At Operator’S Ear Indoors On Carpet
  • >70dB(A)

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