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TASKI dorsalino is a highly efficient, lightweight, and ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaner that can be adjusted according to the operators preference for convenience and increased productivity. Machine, Hose and wand included.

The dorsalino offers You; Fatigue-Free, Versatile Cleaning, Quiet Operation, Power & Efficiency.

Fatigue-Free, Versatile Cleaning: TASKI dorsalino is a highly versatile machine, ideal for cleaning of congested areas such as stairs, theatres, buses, stockrooms, etc. This lightweight and ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaner can be adjusted according to the operators preferences, and a wide range of available accessories can be carried along in the accessory handleable for fast access while working, to increase productivity.

Quiet Operation: A low sound level makes the dorsalino comfortable to use, with minimum disturbance to others.

Power & Efficiency: The powerful, efficient & durable vacuum cleaner motor, combined with thewide range of available accessories, guarantees excellent cleaning results and efficient operation on all types of soft and hard floorings.

  • Product Specifications:
  • Height: 20.5" (52cm)
  • Width: 12.6" (32cm)
  • Length: 11.8" (30cm)
  • Weight: 11.9lbs (5.4kg)
  • Air Flow: 100 CFM (47l/s)
  • Sound Level: 70 dBA
  • Cord Length: 49' (15m)
  • Suction Hose Length: 7.2' (2.2m)
  • Wheels: none

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