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The 35 Series Diamond Glass Sealer is an eco-friendly, impregnating sealer/guard specifically designed to be used in the polishing/sealing of natural and cementitious surfaces. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications. The Diamond Glass Sealer penetrates and protects the surface without affecting its natural appearance. The polishing/sealing application increases the abrasion resistance while increasing the resistance to freeze/thaw scaling, efflorescence, spalling, staining, mildew and fungi, and water intrusion. The enhanced penetration capability with the NANO glass beads provide extended life, higher abrasion resistance with lower maintenance requirements, reduced cleaning costs and repairs while achieving an extremely high degree of reflection. It forms a dense, breathable, surface that will not flake or peel.


The 35 Series Diamond Glass Sealer can be use over stucco, granite, natural stone, limestone, terrazzo, decorated concrete and any material made with Portland Cement as a binder. Typical applications include concrete, polished concrete or stone flooring, countertops or any porous surface, natural stone or cementitious product, requiring added protection or reflectivity. Surface Preparation Ensure the substrate is dry and free of all foreign materials such as curing agents, laitance, glaze, efflorescence, dust, dirt, oil, grease, curing compounds, etc. that may impair or prevent penetration or bonding.


The 35 Series Diamond Glass Sealer may be applied by spray, roller or brush. NOTE: Be sure to stir or shake thoroughly before applying. As a sealer/guard for polished concrete it is best applied with a pump type sprayer and applied with a microfiber floor applicator. Surface should be evenly covered. It is better to apply two light coats rather than one heavy coat. Once the Diamond Glass Sealer has dried and cured (roughly 1-2 hours), the surface should be burnished with a high speed (1500 RPM or higher) burnisher with a 40 Series Hurricane Pad. Depending on surface porosity, climate and temperature, dry time can be as much as 2 hours. As a topical sealer, a low pressure or HVLP sprayer is advised in order to keep a more uniform coat. Once treated, the surface can take foot traffic after 2 hours. The surface will continue to harden over time, reaching its maximum durability and resistance over approximately 7 days.

Use water to clean tools or equipment, no special or hazardous disposal methods are necessary.


Do not apply when temperatures are below 40° F or above 100° F. In hot, dry, windy conditions, you may consider lightly dampening the surface prior to applying Diamond Glass Sealer.



Coverage can vary from surface to surface depending on roughness, porosity and density of the medium being applied. Application technique can also vary the coverage. On smooth, dense surfaces, the coverage should generally range from 15000 to 3000 square feet per gallon.



Dry Time: 1 to 2 hours

Color: Milky White, dries clear

Freeze Point: 32°F, do not allow to freeze

V.O.C.: 0 lbs per gallon

Shelf Life: 1 year in sealed container

Flash Point: N/A Solids: Approximately 18%

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