Diamond Glass CMR (Cleaner Maintainer Refurbisher) (concentrate 1:128) 1 gallon - 255-5077

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The 35 Series CMR (Cleaner Maintainer Refurbisher) is specifically formulated to clean, maintain and refurbish new and existing polished concrete, terrazzo and other natural stone surfaces. It is ideal for industrial, manufacturing, institutional, government, commercial, retail and residential floors alike. CMR is specifically designed to quickly emulsify, attach to, and suspend soils, oils and greases by using “light and hold” technology caused by different surfactants leaving no residue behind, making daily cleaning a breeze. In conjunction with the Diamond Glass Hurricane Maintenance System, your concrete or terrazzo floors will not only increase in shine and clarity but will also increase in abrasion and stain resistance.


The 35 Series CMR not only has specialized surfactants and degreasers in the solution causing ease of maintenance; there’s also densifier in the mix. In routine cleaning, the densifier will react with any “open” or “soft” pores in the concrete or terrazzo combining with the calcium hydroxide (free lime) to create a hardened, densified bond. This reaction greatly increases the life of your floor by hardening the substrate from the inside out.


The 35 Series CMR can be used on any polished concrete or terrazzo floor. CMR can be used in a mop and bucket for those tight to reach areas and corners as well as in Auto Scrubbers to be used in open areas. When using the Diamond Glass VESPA Refurbishing System, proper dilution in your floor machine is suggested throughout the refurbishing process.

Dilution Ratios

Daily Maintenance (128:1)

Mop and Bucket – 1 oz CMR to 1 gallon clean water

Auto Scrubber – 1 oz CMR to 1 gallon clean water

Poulticing/Heavy Stains (32:1)

Mop and Bucket – 4 oz CMR to 1 gallon clean water

Auto Scrubber – 4 oz CMR to 1 gallon clean water

Diamond Glass VESPA Refurbishing System (128:1)

Mop and Bucket – 1 oz CMR to 1 gallon clean water

Auto Scrubber – 1 oz CMR to 1 gallon clean water


Do not apply when temperatures are below 40° F or above 100° F.


Coverage can vary from surface to surface depending on roughness, porosity and density of the medium being applied. Coverage can also vary depending on the flow rate of the machine.


Color: Clear

Freeze Point: 32°F, do not allow to freeze

V.O.C.: 0 lbs per gallon

Shelf Life: 2 years in sealed container

Flash Point: N/A

Specification Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet 

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