996-3878 - 21 inch daily cleaning brush

MALISHSKU: 996-3878

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TUFF-BLOCK® Showerfeed for cleaning hard surfaces. Nylon and polypropelene scrubbing brushes feature .028 inch diameter fill material throughout the block. Nylon is more flexible and will last the longest, while polypropelene is an economical alternative. Trim length: 1 1/2 inch.
Perfect for cleaning and scrubbing highly polished floors, resilient floors such as rubber and luxury vinyl tile. The soft white nylon bristles reach into the highs, lows and crevices in hard floors without scratching or dulling surfaces. Combines ease of use with reliable performance. Nylon bristles allow for wasy brush cleaning after wach use. This soft nylon features .016 inch diameter fill material throughout the brush.

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