floorcare.biz was invented to satisfy the need to clean floors. floorcare.biz is “everything floors."

We have answers to those spots on your home carpets, making your garage floor beautiful, impressing your friends with your airplane hanger shine and even sweeping a six-million-square-foot General Motors plant floor with our industrial robots.

If you have floors, we have the expertise and products to help you clean, sand, shine, finish, or buff them. It doesn't matter if you're a home user with a vacuum, a facility manager with floors to scrub, or an owner/operator in need of the right sparkle to your floors. We've got it all in one simple place.

Our History

In June 1986, I purchased my friend's carpet cleaning business right out of college and traveled from state to state cleaning retail carpets for Walmart. USA-CLEAN moved into cleaning of all hard floors, too, and cleaning floors required machines that worked. Cleaning floors on a route while living in one’s van was physically hard work, but hiring people to clean floors was even harder. I loved fixing things and a transition was coming.

USA-CLEAN transitioned fully away from cleaning and into fixing cleaning machines in the year 2000. I realized through national experience that floor machine repair was a critical need. Floor cleaning machines are not that complicated, but it can be confusing when there are 12,000 models with 1.5 million part choices. For me, the key to success was to manage two things well: logistics and information. To address these two things, USA-CLEAN created the most powerful asset management software in the market called USAfix™. With this software, we became the largest floor machine repair-only company in America.

The team at USA-CLEAN needed more market space beyond fixing machines and we grabbed various domains to include floorcare.biz on October 2, 2018. floorcare.biz became the brand name for our own 20” auto scrubber on July 9, 2019, which in turn became the name of our new company. We decided an “Everything Floors” store was a market need and set out to make our 2,300 square foot “closet" attached to USA-CLEAN into a real store. This real store is augmented by a website and hard copy catalog. We created the expertise of building hard copy catalogs for 20 years and decided the book would be the web would be the store would be the experience.

Dawn Gates, Brandon Dulik and Jackie Arends have spearheaded the launch of this new business with our grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony taking place on May 13, 2021. Dawn, Brandon, Jackie and TeamUSA are all helping get this new business venture up and running. The best part is I am watching them have fun and just telling stories! I love seeing the passion of building something with our talented team!

- Bruce Bushert